Mini Star calling card £1

Mini Star (£1)



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Access Number

Dial an access number from UK mobile or land line

02 07 177 0976

Local Phone Access Number: 0800 635 0038

Customer service

0845 820 0018

Calling instruction


1 call any access number

---Then phone will ask for PIN number.

2. Enter PIN Number: xxxxxxxxxx
3. Dial the number you wish to call including full area code:
Local Calls:Dial(Area Code) + (Local Number)
International Calls: Dial(00) + (country Code) + (Area Number) + (Local Number)
To make a follow on call DO not HangUp,Press##
Customer Service :0845 820 0018---for Enquiries and assistance
Card expires 15 days after first use.
Connection fee and daily maintenance fee do apply

* Note: Corresponding Batch ID is for your reference only
to be quoted to customer services upon request.


Card use condition

* For follow on call enter ## , *1 To redial *4 to save PIN *5 to cancel PIN